A Dynamic Duo

In the thick of the Lenten Season, the Month of March holds the important feasts of Saints Joseph and Patrick. Both are very popular "go to" saints who are the favorites of many. Italian and Irish communities, most especially, hold parades, masses, feasts and celebrations throughout the world that honor these two great men for their selfless and heroic acts which have inspired millions for generations.  

Saints Joseph and Patrick offer us a little break in the sometimes long season of Lent which gives us opportunities to celebrate and enjoy. There are many traditions that you could easily adopt and introduce into your families and circles. Make certain to fit something special in this month on the 17th (Saint Patrick) and 19th (Saint Joseph)—you will be blessed! Let us pray…

Good Saint Joseph, we honor you and humbly ask for your blessings, most especially for fathers. You are the perfect example of fatherhood-always present and ever faithful to your duties. God chose you as caretaker of His wonderful Son, Jesus, and we all benefit from this special relationship. Please intercede for us and for all fathers whose children desperately need to know loving compassion, safety and tender care. 

Glorious Saint Patrick, 'Enlightener of Ireland,' we celebrate your wonderful life of service to God's people. Your own journey of faith and conversion is an inspiration for us all. Please intercede to God for us that we might be given the strength of our convictions and the ability to stand up for who and what we are and profess. Your courage inspires us all, and we humbly seek to follow your footsteps in seeking and proclaiming God's holy truth.

All of this we ask through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior and Brother, who came as Servant for us all. Amen.

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