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The Sometimes Hostile Community Response Regarding the Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse

The allegation of child sexual abuse involving multiple victims is a highly charged and emotional issue that today is often played out in the media. Additionally, when the alleged offender is a highly respected individual within an organization or the community the issues involved can often polarize public opinion.  Read More

  • The Chair of St. Peter

    This week we celebrate the Feast of The Chair of Saint Peter. While Peter was a simple man, he was nonetheless chosen by God to lead our glorious Church through joyous and difficult times. We look to him and his Faith as a guide...

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  • Ouch! Burns Come From More Than Just Fire

    Fire isn’t the only thing that burns. Raise your awareness of situations that are burn risks for kids and gain some tips about how to prevent injuries.

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What is Your Opinion?

Were you previously aware of the feast of The Chair of St. Peter?


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