Giving Ourselves Fully

How often do we think of God as we move through the daily routines of our lives? How often do we include God in our major decision processes, or include God in our joys? How often do we call upon the power of God to be with us in our times of need? Probably way more often than we realize or than we might admit to ourselves.

The late great Jesuit, Father John Kavanaugh, author and professor stated: "Let us pray, too, in the spirit of Ezekiel, that none of us ever think it's too late to give ourselves more fully to God. Or as the gospel reminds us, let us remember that it's always time to say yes, no matter how late. Let us pray for gratitude, and our gratitude will then make more lasting the gifts of our lives, where all goods endure the change of seasons, the ages of our time, the young, our old, our single, our married, our pregnant with life, our adopted with love. For the faith that endures and the hope that promises and for the love that says yes to this, yes in gratitude to His Eucharist, giving thanks in most holy communion with each other and with God."

Indeed, it is never too late to say "Yes" to God. And, we have Mary's great "Yes" to rely upon for inspiration when we fail to recognize the times in our lives when we can say "Yes" and how to do so. When we commit ourselves fully to God, we invite Him into our lives in every capacity, allowing us to become greater than we ourselves could envision. Giving ourselves fully to God puts the relationships that give meaning to our lives in a place of priority. Everything makes clear and perfect sense when we commit to God's presence in our lives and make ourselves fully available to the path which He will lead us to. It is the best gift we can give to God, ourselves, and those we love.

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