October: Month of the Holy Rosary

October 7 is the feast of the Holy Rosary and our Catholic tradition dedicates the entire month to the Holy Rosary. Praying the rosary unites all of our prayers to God through His holy and blessed mother, Mary. It is fitting that we pray with her for the many intentions we face in our families, communities and our nation. The prayers of the rosary are simple, comforting and blessed in a way that makes us feel united to God in an intimate way. This month, may our united efforts to pray the rosary lift up to God all the needs of the children of our world:

  • For children who are hungry for food and drink.
  • For children who need shelter.
  • For children who need clean clothing.
  • For children who need medical care and medicine.
  • For children who are alone with no parents.
  • For children who are scared.
  • For children who are lonely.
  • For children who are sexually abused.
  • For children who are bullied.
  • For children who are neglected.
  • For children who are physically abused.
  • For children who are not taught.
  • For children who have no toys.
  • For children who do not have books.
  • For children who are sick.
  • For children whose parents are addicted.
  • For children with physical disabilities.
  • For children with mental disabilities.
  • For children who are angry.
  • For children who are not affirmed in their creativity.
  • For children who struggle with the effects of divorce.
  • For children who suffer with mourning a parent.
  • For children who need to be shown love.
  • For children who want to be part of a family.
  • For children who never are brought to Church.
  • For children who cannot read.

Mary, Mother of us all, hear the prayers we offer to your intercession for all children. We know how close you hold to your heart all who are vulnerable. It is to Jesus, through you, Most Virgin Mother, that we raise our prayers! Amen.

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