Epiphany: A Litany of Saints for the New Year

"Like the Wise Men, Christians must continue to journey closer and closer to the Lord, attentive to the signs of God's presence, untiring and courageous." Pope Francis

As we begin the New Year, we celebrate the wonders of the Feast of the Epiphany when the light of Jesus Christ was made known and shone throughout the world. The saying goes that "Wise men and women still seek Him" and our Catholic history is filled with thousands of men and women who made great sacrifices to continue the work of the Magi to make Christ's power manifest to every corner of the world. We shall never know those men and women and what they sacrificed until we meet on the other side of glory. What we do know however, is the history of the Saints who lived among us spreading the Light of Christ wherever they went. Our January 2017 calendar celebrates the following Saints and their good works. Let us turn to them in a litany of prayer for a safe, peace-filled and blessed 2017.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. You raised Jesus in the totality of love. Protect all children from harm during the coming year.

Saints Basil and Gregory, pray for us. You taught and defended the Faith with courage and fortitude. May you guide all of our decisions throughout the year.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us. You were the first American-born saint who opened the first parish Catholic school. May you inspire students to follow their loving Creator all the year through.

Saint John Neumann, pray for us. You served as Bishop faithfully and simply, and began the first diocesan catholic school network. May you bless all teachers with patience and fortitude throughout the school year.

Saint Andre Bessette, pray for us. You lived the beatitude of the pure of heart. May you inspire all those who are struggling to believe that all can be found in God.

Saint Raymond, pray for us. You assembled the laws of the Church and teaching of the Popes for the benefit of the faithful. May you continue to bless all those who seek guidance and counsel.

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, pray for us. Educator of the poor, comforter of those in need... May you bless the poor among us with the things they need, and us in service to them.

Saint Hilary of Poitiers, pray for us. Bishop and Doctor of the Church, bringing truth to all heresies. May you keep us on track throughout the year, and inspire us to be ever faithful to God's word.

Saint Anthony of Egypt, pray for us. Model for humility, exemplary of the first beatitude: blessed are the poor in spirit. Inspire us to always be mindful that we are nothing without God.

Saint Fabian, pray for us. Bishop, pope and martyr of the Church, intercede for our Church that all we do be centered on Christ.

Saint Agnes, pray for us. Virgin and Martyr for the Love of God, may you protect all who fall victim to the evils of others.

Saint Vincent, pray for us. Deacon and martyr for the Faith, may all those in the God's service be inspired by your faithful vocation.

Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us. You were the "gentleman Saint" who met the people where they were, and brought many closer to God by your humble example. May we aspire to be like you in all of our interactions throughout the year.

Saint Paul, pray for us. Converted solider of Christ, may many be inspired to join our great Church and her wonderful mission.

Saints Timothy and Titus, pray for us. You brought the message of the Gospels to the world. May our own lives be dedicated to evangelizing the message of Christ wherever we go.

Saint Angela Merici, pray for us. Founder of the Ursuline Sisters, educators throughout the world, may we spread the value for education on every level for all persons.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us. Doctor of the Church, model teacher, may God bless all who seek the truth of the Gospels through his intercession.

Saint John Bosco, pray for us. Teacher and guide for the poor, and founder of the Salesians. Inflame the hearts of all who serve God's poor with the same zeal and love you so greatly ministered to Christ's Church. 


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